inuit art

Of the Northwest Territories

ABOUT... Gallerie Inuit Art NWT

Inuit Art of the Northwest Territories gallery was begun in Ann Arbor, MI in 1995 at the Domino's Farms Office complex where there had been a previous Art Gallery specializing in Inuit Art.  Many Cape Dorset prints adorned the halls and offices of the Domino's complex for many years.

The Gallerie was also located for a time in the Kerrytown district of Ann Arbor. 

Having represented the Cape Dorset Print Collections for several years, and holding showings of Inuit Art - sculptures, prints, and objets d'art - at several venues - including the Power Center at the University of Michigan, and at Plymouth's Community Arts Council - the gallerie grew in prominence and reputation.

We are pleased to continue the tradition of bringing Inuit Art to the Art community now as we offer our select Inuit Art presentations - sculptures and prints, hand chosen, online.

We also intend to hold openings and showings concident with special offerings or events at select physical venues.  These will be announced exclusively to our followers on our mailing list and on Facebook.